Carpet Cleaning Services

Our professional carpet cleaning technicians will bring experience and expertise into your home to make sure you are satisfied.

Our truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning system, known as steam cleaning, balances the scientific principles of airflow, vacuum lift, water temperature, and water pressure. This technology is combined with cleaning solutions that are designed for your specific carpet fiber or fabric. This gives us the ability to clean deeper and more thoroughly than any other method. Our powerful vacuums remove most of the moisture from the carpet so that it dries quickly after we are complete.

On each carpet cleaning job, we perform these 7 steps:

  • Step 1: Pre-inspection
    We will inspect all carpets to be cleaned watching for stains and determining what furniture needs to be moved. We also take note of what type of carpet fiber or fabric is to been cleaned and make sure we use the right carpet cleaning solution for the job.
  • Step 2: Initial Dry Vacuum
    Before we begin, the customer thoroughly vacuums the carpet to remove any surface dirt.
  • Step 3: Furniture Moving
    Sofas, chairs, and tables will be carefully moved and replaced, however large furniture such as beds, dressers, entertainment units, and desks are left in place. Smaller furniture and ornamental items should be removed by the customer.
  • Step 4: Pre-treatment
    Traffic areas and spots are pre-treated to begin breaking up the stains for the most effective carpet cleaning.
  • Step 5: Steam clean
    This is where our advanced truck-mounted carpet cleaning steam machine gets its turn to remove all the dirt without damaging the carpet. The quality Fibreclean line of chemicals and carpet cleaning solutions used will not leave a residue.
  • Step 6: Post Spot Treatment
    If there are any spots that were not removed during cleaning process, specialty spotting techniques are used.
  • Step 7: Carpet Protection
    We will spray a protective coating on the cleaned carpet with your choice of DuPont Teflon Advanced Carpet Protector or 3M Scotchgard Protector. This is not a required step but is a recommended option.
  • Step 8: Groom Carpet
    Finally, depending on the type of carpet, we groom the carpet with a brush to leave it looking like new.

A similar approach is also used when cleaning furniture, area rugs, and other fabrics.

Please call or email to experience this for yourself. We have many satisfied customers in the greater Edmonton area and hope that you will be next.